How to GET FAMOUS on TIKTOK in 2020


  I am about to reveal all my secrets all the comments all of them are like how you get famous famous and I'm gonna tell you how did someone like me get famous on an app like tic toc now something you might notice is on the free page everyone and I mean everyone it's just like the best person you would ever think you see everyone is always in like

cool clothes and like house like they're

paired up now first thing to do to be

famous need to look great I go on the

App Store right now okay take a photo

save the results I gotta share this to

everyone now if that stuff did not work

for you like a dick Ruby there's lost

things you can do like the

filter on tick-tock long step let's go

find a song she's stealing my video

pretty good example how to do stumble so

basically it got small moves

yeah cuz their pizza I had pizza

yesterday in a before

the rest was questionable what that's

more 2000 links right there now I know

what you're thinking

Josh what I don't have long hair to do a

slo-mo you're looking at the slow-mo

okay people like watching random things

go in slow-mo oh we're really good to do

slow-mo stuff just do things that people

normally seems yeah oh my god they just

everyone always asks me how to do it

slow mo guys that's super so basically

you just go in your camera app on your


most have like a little thing that says

like slow-mo just go to that and then

hold out your hand and then hold down

like on the screen press down and just

hold it there until you see this little

yellow thing show up there just slow-mo

now you'll just be like doing something

like just do something weird like like

that and then really close now you're

gonna go back to the camera look back to

your um where are the things go go to

edit this little bar down here fix that

right there okay ready I'm gonna change

when it goes slo-mo we're gonna put it

right there I guess then we're also

gonna cut the video because I don't know

let's see ready

another way God wrote the old tic-tock

is obviously like transitions I'm not

gonna show you that because I've done so

many videos on that already dancing

dancing people are the real talented

wife and stuff if you can dance don't

even watch this video you're like

already set

but remember really good dancing video

like I said do need some cool clothes

and also you need like a lot of space if

you look at cool sweater like this one

you can just go like this and you can

just do dances like this million lights

okay so what else um transitions smooth

looks we got dancing also if you have

one of these hi guys this is like the

hardest one but if you can do it you're

gonna have people like you know it's to

be funny if you're gonna make the comedy

video just include the words in terminus

tracer Orange I've done it it works the

most important thing is just pretend

you're good at everything do like

something that will like get a reaction

and make people angry for no reason like

holding up markers when the song says

crayons that will get you like a lot of

comments I bet all of you were thinking

or no Josh

we're just trolling right now tell us

how you really get the gun to touch I

just showed you in that whole video the

way to get the guns hooked up now the

only word is to just troll people so if

you can't do that

delete that okay that's it thank you for

watching make sure you like this video


soon subscribe I hope next week's video

is better okay now I'm gonna slow mo out

of here but then you can't see my foot

right now

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